Need to Rehome a Horse?

Below is a list of sites to list a horse in need of a home or to find a horse to adopt.  A couple of the sites offer free ads to those looking to place a horse, but this does not mean you need to list your horse “for free,” and the MHWC very much advises against doing so.  Also, please be sure to include a photo, if possible.

If you are looking to adopt, please also visit our RESCUE page for links to Michigan rescue organizations.

Resources for Law Enforcement Officials:

The Michigan Legislature has designated primary provisions related to cruelty to animals: intentional infliction of pain and suffering and duty to provide care. The intentional infliction of pain and suffering provision carries the most severe penalties for animal cruelty and a violation is automatically a felony. A violation of the duty to provide care provision is initially a misdemeanor, which becomes a felony for a second or subsequent violation.  See provisions in detail at MSU’s Animal Legal & Historical Center.

Hay Resources:

Educational Links

Educational Guides (Printable)