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The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition (MHWC), along with partner rescue Starry Skies Equine Rescue in Ann Arbor and a second rescue, Loving Arm Rescue Ranch in Belleville, is assisting the Sumpter Township Police Department in the removal of 12 horses and mules from suspected neglect at a farm in southwest Wayne County today.

Township officials report that the animals are being seized because of an apparent lack of sufficient food, shelter, sanitation, and veterinary care as required under Michigan law. Conditions reportedly include a stallion contained in a pen with four feet of manure, and horses with swollen legs, broken teeth, and low body scores indicating possible malnourishment or illness. Two adult dogs and two puppies will also be seized and taken for veterinary care. The owner of the property has been charged with animal neglect and abandonment.

“The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition is tremendously grateful to the Sumpter Township Police Department and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office Animal Protection Unit for taking swift action to protect these animals,” said Jill Fritz, president of the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition.  “We are glad to be able to help law enforcement and animal control agencies across the state in large-scale cases like these.”

Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition volunteers are providing handling and loading of the horses at the scene, at the request of the Sumpter Township Police Department. Most of the equines will be transported to Starry Skies Equine Rescue, with two going to Loving Arm Rescue Ranch, where they will be provided with veterinary treatment, rehabilitation, and foster care. Donations are urgently needed to provide for the care of the animals and can be made directly to those non-profit rescue groups at Buy Xanax and Buy Xanax On Internet. All donations are tax-deductible.

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition urges horse owners to seek assistance through our hay bank as soon as problems are detected, rather than waiting until animals are neglected and suffering and law enforcement needs to intervene. Our coalition of horse rescue groups, equine care professionals, and individual horse owners is standing ready to provide assistance to horse owners facing a temporary financial hardship, and to help law enforcement agencies and horse rescue operations deal with large-scale cruelty and neglect cases. We can also help horse owners to effectively plan for the future. Those seeking assistance from the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition’s hay bank can find eligibility guidelines and an application at Buy Klonopin Online Legal, or by calling (517) 321-3683.

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