Rescue Groups Assist in the Removal of 12 Horses


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Rescue Groups Assist in Removal of 12 Horses from Suspected Neglect in Genesee County

Flint, Mich. (June 24, 2015): Volunteers with Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary and the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition have assisted Genesee County Animal Control officers in the removal of 12 horses from suspected neglect at a farm in Mundy Township.

Earlier this week, Genesee County Animal Control and the Humane Society of Genesee County had been contacted about suspected neglect of horses on a farm in Mundy Township, just south of Bishop International Airport. The officers and a local veterinarian found 12 horses, including a foal, allegedly living in filthy stalls and in poor physical condition. Officials issued a warrant to seize custody of the horses, which were transported to Starry Skies Equine Rescue in Ann Arbor for care and rehabilitation. Charges are now being reviewed in the case.

Michigan’s animal cruelty law, MCL 750.50, requires that an owner provide animals (defined as “any vertebrate other than a human being”) with sufficient food, water, shelter, sanitary conditions, exercise, and veterinary medical attention in order to maintain an animal in a state of good health. Violations of that law could result in prison time, fines, or community service.

“People must understand that horses are covered equally under our state’s animal cruelty statute just like any other animal, and you can’t neglect, abandon, or harm them any more than you can a cat or a dog,” said Jodi Louth, vice president of the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition. “We are tremendously grateful to Mundy Township, the Humane Society of Genesee County, and Genesee County Animal Control officials for pursuing this case, and to Starry Skies Equine Rescue for providing the horses with the care they need.”

Donations for the care of the horses can be made directly to Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary by visiting!donate/ctzx, or can be mailed to the non-profit organization at 8133 W. Liberty Rd​., Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition urges horse owners to seek assistance through our hay bank as soon as problems are detected, rather than waiting until animals are neglected and suffering and law enforcement needs to intervene. Our non-profit coalition of horse rescue groups, equine care professionals, and individual horse owners is standing ready to provide assistance to horse owners facing a temporary financial hardship, and to help law enforcement agencies and horse rescue operations deal with large-scale cruelty and neglect cases. Those seeking assistance from the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition’s hay bank can find eligibility guidelines and an application at, or by calling (517) 321-3683.


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