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Contact: Jodi Louth, (734) 476-2552 or Jill Fritz, (517) 515-3839

Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition assists officials with rescue of 21 horses in Newaygo County

 (March 6, 2012)—The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition (MHWC) is assisting with the rehoming of 21 Thoroughbred horses ordered removed from a farm in Brooks Township, in Newaygo County.

The horses were part of a Thoroughbred breeding operation whose owner had recently become very ill. On February 29, a district court judge ordered the removal of all 21 horses from the property because of the owner’s inability to contain and care for his horses due to his ongoing illness. However, because officials in Brooks Township did not have the facilities and resources to care for the horses, they planned to send them to an auction. When the MHWC learned of this, they quickly contacted the township and offered their help with the disposition of the horses. 

“Part of our mission is to help law enforcement officials who want to take horses out of harm’s way but don’t have the funds or staff to do it,” said Jodi Louth, the MHWC’s Hay Bank and Rescue Coordinator. “It’s awful to imagine that these horses, who were already in somewhat dire straits, may have ended up on a truck to an auction to suffer an even worse fate. I’m glad we were here to prevent that.”

Coalition members, equine rescue groups, and private citizens are working to move the horses, including pregnant mares, foals, and stallions, off the property and into temporary and permanent homes. Just last night, two mares that are ready to delivertheir foals were takento safety.

“For the health and welfare of our residents, Brooks Township has been forced into the responsibility of dealing with over 20 horses. Upon learning of our situation, the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition contacted us with an offer of assistance in placing the horses,” said Warren Bender, Brooks Township Zoning Administrator, and Les Salacina, Brooks Township Supervisor. “We have been dealing with this situation for the past several years and until we received a court order to seize the horses, we were unaware that this organization existed. The township greatly appreciates the rapid response and assistance that we have been receiving from the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition.”

The MHWC is grateful to all of the private adopters, as well as the equine rescue groups who will be taking in horses, including Day Dreams Farm Therapy and Rescue (St. Clair County), Sand Stone Farm’s Rescue Effort (Oakland County), and Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary (Washtenaw County).  We would also like to thank the following for their support and assistance in this matter: Saving Baby Equine Rescue, Horses’ Haven, Horse North Rescue, Northern Michigan Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, and Second Chance Ranch and Rescue.

“This has been a very cooperative effort, with lots of networking,” said Jill Fritz of the Humane Society of the United States, a founding member of the MHWC. “Our coalition is happy to be able to help not only the horses in need, but also their owner and the township.”

This rescue underscores the urgent need for donations from the public to help the MHWC continue its life-saving work. Donations are tax deductible and can be made at Buy Xanax

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition is committed to enhancing the lives of all equines in Michigan through education and assistance to the owners, and when necessary, the prosecution of persons who commit acts of cruelty against equines contrary to existing laws.


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