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One of the stallions (now gelding!) from Sanilac County. Available for adoption at Horses’ Haven!


Two Hundred and Forty-Eight!  Thanks to your support, that’s how many horses the MHWC was able to assist through direct rescue or feed assistance this last winter, helping to keep a large number of these horses with their families!  And, my, what a winter it was!  Truly, it was nothing short of a miracle that we did not have to turn down a single qualifying application for hay assistance despite the combined hay shortage and high prices!

In addition to our supporters, we’d also like to take this time to once again thank the wonderful group of rescue facilities that we work with regularly.  Please see the list of approved rescues here: Buy Xanax On Internet


In most recent rescue news, this last May, the MHWC assisted with the re-homing of eight horses that were in the custody of Sanilac County Animal Control and the safe removal and temporary housing of 18 horses in Antrim County.

Of the eight Sanilac horses (6 stallions, 2 mares), three went to Horses’ Haven, two to Starry Skies, one to a private home and two to Sandmann Farm, a new training facility with a certified Monty Roberts trainer at the helm that the MHWC hopes to start working with on a regular basis.  Thank you also to Once Horse at a Time, Inc Buy Klonopin Online Legal, who donated the necessary funds to get the 6 stallions gelded, as well as a handful of private supporters for their much needed assistance and generosity in helping to get these horses to safety!

We are also excited to start working with Serenity Ranch in the northern part of the state.  We’d again like to thank Serenity Ranch for their assistance with the Antrim case as well as Horse North Rescue and their supporters, and Dr. Pamela Graves.  Sometimes these cases move very fast, and we’re so happy that Serenity Ranch was able to take in all 18 horses at a moment’s notice until the case was resolved, and that Horse North volunteers and Dr. Pamela Graves were so ready and willing to offer on-the-ground support.

It’s our hope to continue to utilize the talents of the trainers at both facilities – Sandmann Farm and Serenity Ranch – so that sound, healthy horses removed from neglectful situations can more quickly transition into new, loving and forever homes.  Please watch for more news as we develop this program further!

We’d also like to take this time to remind our supporters that the MHWC plays no role in the actual decision to remove horses from neglectful situations.  Though we have often offered advice to law enforcement officials as to how best to proceed with the logistics of cruelty cases involving horses, it is in the jurisdiction of actual law enforcement officers and prosecutors as to when there is enough evidence to proceed with confiscating animals and pressing charges.  The MHWC is here to assist in these cases once the decision has been made to remove animals by making sure they have safe places to land.

If you are a law enforcement office or would simply like to learn more about law enforcement issues concerning animals, please visit our Resource page at our website here: Zolpidem Buy Now


Finally, thanks to a generous donation from Meijer, the MHWC will be the beneficiary of the Meijer Exhibitor Party and Charity Fundraiser during the Grand Prix Jumper Event on Saturday, July 27th at the Horse Shows by the Bay Equestrian Festival in Williamsburg, MI. Generic Name Ambien Cr

The MHWC is honored to have joining us at this event internationally renowned artist Maureen Shelleau Buy Soma Legally, who will be offering a commissioned piece to benefit the MHWC!  One of Maureen’s most noted paintings, The Lords of the Legend, currently hangs on display at the Kentucky Horse Park.

If you plan to attend the Horse Shows by the Bay between now and July 27th, please be sure to buy a 50/50 raffle ticket at the office to further benefit the MHWC’s mission!

Thank you so much for your continued support.  Donations are always needed and very much appreciated!

Donate here: Can You Buy Lorazepam Over The Counter (note: scroll down on page to make a one-time donation or donate via snail mail).

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